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East Sussex Window and House Tax Assessments 1747 by Roger Davey
published by Sussex Record Society in 2006
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Ashburnham 1
Battle 2
Beckley 3
Bexhill 4
Bodiam 5
Brede 6
Brightling 7
Burwash 8
Catsfield 9
Chiddingly 10
Crowhurst 11
Dallington 12
Etchingham 13
Ewhurst 14
Fairlight 15
Fletching 16
East Grinstead 17
Guestling 18
East Guldeford 19
[Hastings] Castle 20
Heathfield 21
Herstmonceux 22
Hollington 23
Hooe 24
Icklesham 25
Iden 26
Lindfield 27
Mayfield 28
Mountfield 29
Ninfield 30
Ore 31
Peasmarsh 32
Penhurst 33
Pett 34
Playden 35
Salehurst 36
Sedlescombe 37
Ticehurst 38
Udimore 39
Wadhurst 40
Waldron 41
Warbleton 42
Wartling 43
Westfield 44
Whatlington 45
Withyham 46

No. of Lights£s.d.
(All houses in this parish were additionally charged 2s 0d for House Tax)
 Turk, Mr William 19 143
 Stevens, Mr Samuel 18 136
 Stapley, Mr George 18 136
 Legg, Mr Nathaniel 9   
 Fisher, Mr John 9   
 Slade, Mr Chess 9   
 Glover, Mr Isaac 9   
 Sweetlove, Mrs 8   
 Kersby, Mr John 9   
William Turke, George Stapley
Index -

Fagg, Richard26
Fairall, Thomas37
Fairhall, Edward, poor16
Fairhall, Henry27
Fairhall, John6
Fairhall, John, poor27
Fairhall, Richard17
Fairway, Samuel4
Falconer, Mr Benjamin17
Farley, Henry17
Farmar, Richard24
Farmer, Richard17
Farmer, William27
Farnden, Mrs8
Fenner, Andrew28
Fenner, Thomas28
Ferrers, Mr16
Fetherstone, widow28
Field, Edward38
Field, Richard15
Field, William16
Fielder, John41
Fillcokes, widow4
Filmer, Joseph39
Filpot, John; 32
Finch, John17
Finch, Richard17
Firby, Thomas4
Fisher, John14
Fisher, Mr14
Fisher, Mr John35
Fisher, William3
Fitsall, William25
Fleet, Joseph16
Fleet, Robert16
Fleet, widow16
Fletcher, John17
Flower, Mr, Buckhold12
Flower, Mr, for Spaifords1
Flower, Mr, the Hoards1
Foord, Mr Nicholas22
Foord, Mr William36
for late Glides11
for late Mary Cramps11
Ford, John8
Ford, John, poor16
Ford, Thomas, Woodknowle8
Ford, William16
Forman, Thomas39
Foster, Daniel36
Foster, John, for Mascals house28
Foster, Richard42
Foster, Thomas, his house12
Foster, Thomas, for Redland36
Foster, Thomas, jr8
Foster, Thomas, shoemaker36
Foster, Thomas, sr8
Foster, William6
Foule, Mr40
Foullar, John4
Fox, John8
Fox, Thomas8
Fox, William42
Fr[a]ncis, Mr William40
Frances, John29
Francis, Nicholas17
Franks, William16
Frankwill, Thomas, off4
Frantly, Benjamin43
Freebody, Mr39
Freebody, Mr John8
Freeland, Henry45
Freeland, John3
Freeman, John7
Freeman, Mr Thomas40
Freeman, Richard13
Freeman, Simon, for Mr Downhalls28
Freeman, Thomas7
French, Daniel21
French, Henry26
French, John42
French, John;32
French, Joseph41
French, Mr Jeremiah10
French, Richard10
French, Thomas, poor8
French, William31
French, William,42
Frend, Thomas4
Frewen, Mr Edward36
Friend, Thomas29
Friend, widow, poor30
Frier, Richard18
Fry, John28
Fry, John, smith28
Fry, Thomas, poor28
Fryer, Samuel6
Fuller, James8
Fuller, John8
Fuller, John, Esq7
Fuller, Mr9
Fuller, Mr Stephen7
Fuller, Mrs, for her house28
Fuller, Richard41
Fuller, Robert38
Fuller, Thomas1
Fuller, widow41
Fuller, William32
Funell, Thomas, jr10
Funell, Thomas, sr10
Funell, William10
Funnel, William40
Funnel, William, Halton House8
Funnell, Edward16
Funnell, George16
Funnell, Samuel16
Funnell, Thomas10
Funnell, William16
Furman, William40
Furminger, Samuel6
Furner, Samuel8
Furner, Thomas36
Furner, widow, late Mrs Toke empty8
Furninger, widow6