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East Sussex Window and House Tax Assessments 1747 by Roger Davey
published by Sussex Record Society in 2006
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Ashburnham 1
Battle 2
Beckley 3
Bexhill 4
Bodiam 5
Brede 6
Brightling 7
Burwash 8
Catsfield 9
Chiddingly 10
Crowhurst 11
Dallington 12
Etchingham 13
Ewhurst 14
Fairlight 15
Fletching 16
East Grinstead 17
Guestling 18
East Guldeford 19
[Hastings] Castle 20
Heathfield 21
Herstmonceux 22
Hollington 23
Hooe 24
Icklesham 25
Iden 26
Lindfield 27
Mayfield 28
Mountfield 29
Ninfield 30
Ore 31
Peasmarsh 32
Penhurst 33
Pett 34
Playden 35
Salehurst 36
Sedlescombe 37
Ticehurst 38
Udimore 39
Wadhurst 40
Waldron 41
Warbleton 42
Wartling 43
Westfield 44
Whatlington 45
Withyham 46

No. of Lights£s.d.
(Sums for houses with ten or more windows include 2s 0d for House Tax; 2s 0d assessments are for House Tax only)
 Fuller, John, Esq 58300
 Burrell, The Rev Mr 341160
 Fuller, Mr Stephen 43250
 Newington, Mr Samuel 331150
 Atkins, Mr John 19 163
 Little, Mr James 19 163
 Wood, William 19 163
 Pelling, Joseph 18 156
 Westone, William 18 156
 Baker, William 18 156
 Cruttenden, Joseph 18 156
 Freeman, Thomas 16 140
 Wickham, William 15 133
 Attwood, John 14 90
 Venice, John 14 90
 Sandhurst, Peter 11 76
 Bills, widow 11 76
Houses with less than 10 lights
 Freeman, Thomas   20
 Stace, William   20
 Sandhurst, Samuel   20
 Craft, Edward   20
 Basby, Farn.    20
 Pont, John   20
 Relf, John   20
 Allen, George   20
 Crouch, William   20
 Dann, John   20
 Lawrance, Edward   20
 Cleaver, Samuel   20
 Bus, Thomas   20
 Backer, John   20
 Axell, Isaac   20
 Bus, Edward   20
 Venice, Isaac   20
 Chins, Thomas   20
 Axell, John   20
 Bourn, Thomas   20
 Dray, John   20
 Whaterus, Thomas   20
 Nash, Robert   20
 Wicks, Thomas   20
 Cruttenden, Sarah   20
 Morris, Edward   20
 Russell, widow   20
 Holman, Robert   20
 Noaks, Thomas   20
 Dunke, John   20
 Jarvice, Thomas   20
 Axell, Richard   20
 Relf, William   20
 Craft, John   20
 Freeman, John   20
 Tippet, James   20
 Tippet, John   20
Collectors & Assessors:
William Wickham, Edward French
Appealed off August 11 1747:
Crouch, William 2s. 0d.
Allen, George 2s.0d.
Index -

Pack, Thomas40
Packham, Edward46
Packham, Thomas18
Padge, Thomas21
Page, John10
Page, Mrs16
Page, Richard10
Page, William10
Pageham, Thomas44
Pain, John, Kemhide2
Pain, Richard, jr22
Pain, Richard, sr22
Paine, Mrs Mary8
Paine, Charles38
Paine, Edward, for Groombridg's38
Paine, John8
Paine, Mr, late Mr Dear8
Paine, Richard28
Paine, Thomas21
Paine, widow16
Paine, William, Bowmans, poor8
Palmer, William & Nicholas2
Pamer, William40
Pankhurst, Edward18
Pankhurst, John10
Pankhurst, John, for late Inces10
Pankhurst, Nathaniel1
Pankhurst, Thomas21
Pankhurst, widow21
Pantrey, John8
Pantry, -, widow Swiftes house40
Pantry, Henry2
Pardon, James, his house12
Parham, Mr, late Mrs Dykes8
Parker, Abraham16
Parker, Edward42
Parker, Francis27
Parker, Henry27
Parker, John;32
Parker, Mrs22
Parker, Stephen, sr, relieved28
Parker, William31
Parkes, Thomas42
Parks, Joseph24
Parks, Williams8
Parris, Thomas10
Parriss, William10
Parson, Richard27
Parsons, Thomas21
Parsons, William3
Paterson, John, a cottage: poor31
Patey, Mr Thomas40
Patience, John;32
Patience, Samuel;32
Patridge, Mr46
Pattenden, Jeremiah21
Pattenden, John42
Pavey, Thomas40
Pavice, Walter32
Payen, William6
Payn, Richard37
Payne, Edward17
Payne, George17
Payne, John17
Payne, John, Esq17
Payne, Joseph (late), empty17
Payne, Mary17
Payne, Mrs Mary17
Payne, Robert17
Payne, Thomas17
Payne, William17
Paynes, Mrs17
Pearse, Edward4
Pearse, John, poor27
Pearse, Joseph, poor27
Peatus, Thomas37
Peckham, John16
Peckham, Mrs42
Peckham, William, esq36
Peerless, John, for Willetts46
Pellham, James, esq11
Pelling, James, poor27
Pelling, John16
Pelling, John, elder, poor27
Pelling, John, younger, poor27
Pelling, Joseph7
Pennel, Stephen, poor8
Perce, Edward24
Perry, John15
Pery, John18
Pery, Mr34
Pery, William18
Peters, Lind, poor31
Peters, Robert2
Peters, Robert, Ore Place31
Petter, John32
Petter, Mr32
Pettet, Joseph40
Pettit, Stephen, sr2
Pettitt, Thomas31
Philcox, James2
Philcox, Thomas2
Phillips, John2
Phipps, Samuel2
Phips, Richard21
Phunell, Richard38
Pickett, John16
Piddelden, Peter15
Pierce, Stephen16
Pierpoint, Thomas16
Piggot, Henry46
Piggott, Mr (`court 31 : 3')40
Piggott, Sarah17
Pike, Henry27
Pike, John8
Pilbeam, William46
Pilbeame, Thomas27
Pilbean, Stephen8
Pimm, - jr2
Pimm, John2
Pinion, John16
Pinion, Thomas21
Pink, William10
Piper, George, poor11
Piper, Jesse2
Piper, John19
Piper, John, jr21
Piper, Richard28
Piper, Thomas3
Piper, William41
Piree, Mrs [?Pirce]39
Pix, Mrs14
Plaskit, Mr34
Plaw, Henry16
Playdell, Mr John42
Playsted, Cooper40
Playsted, John40
Playsted, late William, empty40
Playsted, Mr William40
Playsted, Samuel40
Playsted, Samuel, Crittalls40
Plum, John4
Plum, Thomas4
Plumer, John2
Plumer, Mrs40
Pocock, Nicholas10
Pocock, Samuel22
Pocock, William, for his house and lights20
Polhill, Mr William8
Polhill, Mrs, widow8
Polhill, Thomas, sr38
Pollard, John, vacant16
Pollhil, John18
Pont, John7
Pooke, Mr John36
Poor, The, in the poorhouse27
Pope, Edward17
Pope, Thomas, poor8
Porter, -2
Potter, Richard17
Powell, John17
Powell, Richard, elder, poor27
Powell, Richard, younger, poor27
Powell, Stephen, poor27
Poyle, Samuel3
Pratt, George40
Pretton, The Rev Mr21
Priar, Richard4
Priar, Samuel4
Price, Thomas21
Prier, James18
Pring, John17
Pritchet, Thomas17
Pryar, William4
Pryor, Sarah17
Puckle, Mr John25
Pufield, John, Mr Mayo2
Purchis, William17
Purfield, Thomas2
Pursglove, Robert22
Pursglove, the widow22
Putland, William17
Puxty, Mr Joseph40
Puxty, Samuel40