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East Sussex Window and House Tax Assessments 1747 by Roger Davey
published by Sussex Record Society in 2006
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Ashburnham 1
Battle 2
Beckley 3
Bexhill 4
Bodiam 5
Brede 6
Brightling 7
Burwash 8
Catsfield 9
Chiddingly 10
Crowhurst 11
Dallington 12
Etchingham 13
Ewhurst 14
Fairlight 15
Fletching 16
East Grinstead 17
Guestling 18
East Guldeford 19
[Hastings] Castle 20
Heathfield 21
Herstmonceux 22
Hollington 23
Hooe 24
Icklesham 25
Iden 26
Lindfield 27
Mayfield 28
Mountfield 29
Ninfield 30
Ore 31
Peasmarsh 32
Penhurst 33
Pett 34
Playden 35
Salehurst 36
Sedlescombe 37
Ticehurst 38
Udimore 39
Wadhurst 40
Waldron 41
Warbleton 42
Wartling 43
Westfield 44
Whatlington 45
Withyham 46

No. of Lights£s.d.
(Sums for houses with ten or more windows include 2s 0d for House Tax; 2s 0d assessments are for House Tax only)
 Pellham, James, esq 552170
 Sorsbe, The Reverend Mr 23150
 Bristow, Mr. Thomas 351170
 Byne, Mr Henry, for the Coortlodge 19 163
 Byne, Mr Henry, for his owne 9 20
 Britten, Jesse 19 163
 Smith, William 19 163
 Stace, Abraham 9 20
 Sampson, Mr Richard 9 20
 Janer, James 13 86
 Ranson, James 14 90
 Apps, William 14 90
 Gringoo, Edward 9 20
 Barden, Nicholas 9 20
 for late Glides 9 20
 Crunden, Thomas 9 20
 Hammond, Thomas, for late Bayles 9 20
 Boues, Thomas, poor 7   
 Tamset, John, new house 7 20
 Ticehurst, Abraham 9 20
 Evenden, Thomas 8 20
 Goolsmith, John 9 20
 Apps, John 8 20
 White, widow 9 20
 Vener, William 8 20
 Piper, George, poor 8   
 Rusell, widow 9 20
 for late Mary Cramps 9 20
 Wimbel, William, poor 9   
 Wait, Joseph, poor 8   
 Markwick, Mary, poor 9   
 Medhurst, John, for Mr Bristow house 7 20
 Mapeleden, Thomas 9 20
Mr Henry Dyne & Mr William Smith
Index -

Callis, widow, for Miss (sic)28
Callis, widow, for the Oake28
Callow, Mr Henry38
Callow, Thomas38
Campany, John;32
Campfield, Mr, for where Apted lives46
Campfield, Mr, for where Hewit lives46
Campfield, Mr, for where Lee lives46
Cane, Thomas4
Caney, Thomas21
Card, Edward16
Card, James3
Card, John, his house12
Card, Joseph36
Carde, William41
Care, Benjamin16
Carey, Thomas24
Carly, Richard36
Carly, William8
Carman, John26
Carman, Thomas3
Carpenter, Thomas, to Todman10
Carrick, Nicholas, his house12
Carrier, John3
Carswell, Benjamin15
Carter, Edward27
Carter, Mr John8
Carter, Susan26
Carter, William14
Cary, William22
Caselen, Thomas10
Cat, John39
Catt, Joseph26
Catt, Richard3
Catt, Solomon44
Catt, Stephen44
Catt, widow44
Catt, William44
Catt, William, sr44
Cavey, John32
Cayley, John21
Ceas, widow24
Chadwick, John3
Chambers, Mr Robert36
Chambers, Mr Robert L, late Budden8
Chantler, John17
Chantler, Stephen, Crowhurst Bridge House8
Chantlers, Thomas38
Chapman, Edward, for Wallis28
Chapman, Elizabeth17
Chapman, John15
Chapman, Richard17
Chapman, Thomas38
Chapman, widow40
Chapman, William38
Chatfield, Henry, poor27
Chatfield, John, poor27
Cheapman, Edward40
Cheapman, Joseph, Merrimans36
Cheel, Thomas16
Cheesman, -, staymaker2
Cheesman, Ann40
Cheesman, John2
Cheesman, widow16
Chepman, William21
Chester, Mr14
Child, John27
Child, Robert16
Chins, Thomas7
Chrisfurd, John37
Christian, John4
Christmas, Richard14
Christmass, Robert29
Chubb, John2
Clapson, Joseph38
Clare, John37
Clark, Edward17
Clark, Mr, Comb40
Clark, Samuel28
Clark, William40
Clarke, Elis19
Classon, Benjamin42
Classon, John42
Classon, Thomas42
Cleavar, Thomas4
Cleavar, William4
Cleaver, Samuel7
Cleve, John14
Clifton, James, jr40
Clifton, James, sr40
Clifton, John21
Clifton, Richard40
Clifton, Thomas40
Climpson, George8
Climset, John36
Cloak, William18
Cloake, Moses37
Cloke, Mr, for George Goldsmith45
Coally, William, poor27
Cocks, John24
Coldgate, Henry17
Coldgate, widow2
Cole, Mrs Barbary17
Cole, Thomas46
Cole, William21
Colebran, John22
Colebran, John, Newcastle12
Colegate, Thomas14
Coleman, John28
Colgate, Samuel26
Colgate, Thomas44
Collens -, Watkins Down House8
Collens, David8
Collens, Richard21
Collens, Robert21
Collens, Thomas24
Collens, Thomas, poor8
Collier, Alexander22
Collings, John40
Collins, Alexander42
Collins, Francis42
Collins, Richard, for Darbys40
Collins, William2
Collman, George4
Collman, John4
Collman, Thomas4
Colman, John6
Comber, Edward42
Comber, Francis27
Comber, Mr Richard40
Comber, Ralph, poor27
Comber, Thomas, at Sluts Lane27
Comber, Thomas, butcher27
Comber, Thomas, on the common27
Comber, widow, miller27
Comber, William, poor27
Compton, Mr Thomas27
Coney, Mr John8
Coney, William, jr42
Coney, William, sr42
Conney, Mr Stephen40
Constable, Mr John8
Constable, Mr Thomas38
Constable, Mrs8
Constable, Richard46
Cook, John17
Coomber, Edward17
Coomber, John17
Coopar, Mr John4
Cooper, George17
Cooper, Robert26
Cooper, William3
Copar, Richard, off4
Coppor, Isaac38
Cornes, John6
Cornford, Josiah2
Cornford, Samuel42
Cornford, Samuel, carpenter42
Cornford, Thomas22
Cornfords, Mount2
Cornfords, suc. West2
Corns, William8
Cornwell, George27
Cornwell, William, poor8
Coster, Rev Mr1
Cotton, George44
Coulgate, Adron37
Coulstoke, Christopher, poor27
Court [inserted]40
Courthop, Mr, for Callow, Thomas38
Courtness, Mr John27
Cox, George, poor27
Cox, John17
Cox, John, jr, poor27
Cox, John, sr, poor27
Cox, late George, now empty27
Cox, Thomas23
Cox, Toby8
Cox, William3
Cox, William, &27
Cradock, William, jr46
Cradock, William, sr46
Craft, Edward7
Craft, John7
Cramp, John, Bankers4
Cramp, John, Sidley4
Cramp, Mr15
Cramp, Mr Samuel4
Cramp, Samuel14
Cramp, William, Telham2
Cramston, Mr James4
Crawford, John, Esq17
Creasey, Thomas17
Createnden, Thomas39
Crifford, John44
Crifford, Stephen44
Crisford, John14
Crittal, Richard; 32
Crittenden, John4
Crittenden, Philip9
Croach, Thomas4
Crockford, Anthony, poor8
Crockford, John38
Croft, Edward (Watson, Edward, erased)45
Croft, John2
Croft, William9
Crohurst, dame (`Deame')24
Crondwell, Robert46
Cross, Richard8
Crouch, John1
Crouch, Nathaniel2
Crouch, Samuel38
Crouch, Thomas13
Crouch, Thomas, his house12
Crouch, William7
Crounden, William18
Crowherst, Robert46
Crowhurst, James9
Crowhurst, John40
Crowhurst, William1
Crunden, Thomas11
Cruttenden, Abraham36
Cruttenden, Evernden36
Cruttenden, Francis25
Cruttenden, John, his house12
Cruttenden, Joseph7
Cruttenden, Mr John36
Cruttenden, Mr John, Fontridge8
Cruttenden, Mr John, Tott8
Cruttenden, Mr Nicholas8
Cruttenden, Mrs Elizabeth8
Cruttenden, Samuel, his house12
Cruttenden, Sarah7
Cruttenden, Thomas44
Cufftree, John17
Cundick, Abraham, poor6
Curless, John41
Curtis, Thomas4
Curtis, William26
Cutbeard, Joseph, poor8
Cuthbart, John24
Cuthbert, Joseph2