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The Buckhurst Terrier 1597-1598 by Ernest Straker, F.S.A.
published by Sussex Record Society in 1933
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Frontispiece xv
Introduction xvii
Contents xxiii
The Manor of Buckhurst 2
The Manor of Broome 19
The Manor of Munckloe 21
The Manor of Fiskeridge 29
The Manor of Bolebrooke 31
The Manor of Blackham 34
The Manor of Collingherst 37
The Manor of Alchornes 40
The Manor of Lavertie 44
The Manor of Tablehurst 45
The Manor of Imberhorne 47
The Fraternitie of St Katherines 57
The Chauntrie of St Marie 59
The Manor of Torringe Peverell 60
The Manor of Sheffield 65
The Manor of Framfield 77
Description of Maps 85
Index of place and field names 89
Index of personal names and subjects 99


Buckhurst Tenant, folio 47facing12
Munckloe Freeholders, folio 101vfacing24
Field Table, folio 50facing40
The Colophony of Maps XII to XXV I
The positions of the Terrier Manors II-III
The farme called Sherlocks IV
The farme called Dales Gnewnhams &
The farme called Pollieshall
Daleswood &
Marshcopland and Polemead
Newnham Park VII
The farme called Hollwith VIII
The farme called Hollwith IX
The farme called Broxils X
Demeanes of Munckloe XI
Large scale map XII
Large scale map XIII
Large scale map XIV
Large scale map XV
Large scale map XVI
Large scale map XVII
Large scale map XVIII
Large scale map XIX
Large scale map XX
Large scale map XXI
Large scale map XXII
Large scale map XXIII
Large scale map XXIV
Large scale map XXV
Park map of 1774 from survey of 1598 XXVI
Park map of 1774 from survey of 1598 XXVII
The Manor of Blackham XXVIII
The Manor of Blackham XXIX
The Manor of Blackham XXX
The Manor of Collingherst XXXI
The Manor of Birchden XXXII
The Manor of Tableherst XXXIII
The Manor of Imberhorne XXXIV
The Manor of Imberhorne XXXV
The Manor of Imberhorne XXXVI
The Manor of Imberhorne &
The Chauntrie of St Marie
The Fraternitie of St Katherines &
The Manor of Mayes
The Manor of Imberhorne &
The Fraternitie of St Katherines &
The Manor of Mayes
The Chauntrie of St Marie XL
Index of place and field names -
Index of personal names and subjects -

Acre, the, 41
Addams, 43
Admans, 51
Adrolls land, 83
Alchorne, 42, 60, 62
Alchorne manor, xviii
Alchorne newland, 43
Alcocks croft, 16
Aldrede, 41
Aldree Croft, 10, 36
Aldrett, Little, Great, 2, 9, 36
Alise Mead, 70
Alphreys Croft, 20
Anewood, 61
Ashdown Forest, 3, xviii
Ashdown Forest Mead, 5
Ashurst River, 31
Ashurst River Wood, 47
Atdeane, 5
Atwells, 45
Averies Croft, 73
Averies Croft Mill, 24
Averys, 40, 41, 42, 43
Ayland, Little, 23, 25
Aylewood, 24